FIRE DOG Degrease Cleaner

  • FIRE DOG Degrease Cleaner
FIRE DOG Degrease Cleaner
Unit Package: 4×5L
Product Code: KT3001
Dosage: Dilution ratio: 1:5-1:30
  • Introduction

Product introduction:

This product is used for efficient cleaning/deoiling agents on food contact surfaces. Suitable for supermarket meat cutting rooms, seafood, bakeries, deli and processing facilities, institutional kitchens and food factories.

Use instructions:

Foam cleaning method

1. Pretreatment: Manually remove large pieces of dirt, remove and remove the food, and seal the cover tightly if it cannot be removed.

2. Cleaning: Spray the foam on the surface to be cleaned with a ratio of 1:30 with the dispenser and allow foam to cling to surfaces at least five minutes, but do not allow foam to dry. If necessary, scrub surfaces.

3, To avoid food contamination, rinse all surfaces with potable water.