FIRE SHELL Carbon Remover

  • FIRE SHELL Carbon Remover
FIRE SHELL Carbon Remover
Unit Package: 4×5L
Product Code: KT3011
Dosage: Dilution ratio: 1:13
  • Introduction

Product introduction:

This product can effectively remove the pan/pot heavy oil dirties,carbide and other food scraps.It can be safely used in pie plate,tin cans,bread plate,barbecue,scones board,baking and cooking pots and other metal,plate apparatus.The balanced formulation makes it can be safely used in aluminum surface.

Use instructions:

1. Fill the soak tank with water (assuming 100 liters) (HDPE or PP material soaking tank is recommended).

2. Then add 2 bottles of baking dish cleaner (ie 2Gal about 7.5L) and mix well (equivalent to 7-8%).

3. After immersing the pot/plate/tableware/equipment with hot water, completely immerse it in the solution, overnight or soak for about 10 hours.

4. Finally take it out of the tank, rinse it with a dishwasher or wash it by hand.

Note: The soaking solution should be replaced at least once a month; if the frequency of use is high or used to soak heavy dirt, the frequency of replacement of the soaking solution should be increased accordingly.