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     Professional R&D team, giving customers powerful technical supports and professional services, can provide customers tailored cleaning and hygiene solutions and related products, professional cleaning field first-class research and development capabilities. We are committed to provide green environmental protection, safe and efficient cleaning and hygiene solutions. "Green clean" is our philosophy. We are not only cleaning products manufacturers, but also the protector of environmental health. 

BCL HYGIENE MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD. founded in 2007, is domestic high quality supplier to provide professional cleaners, cleaning solutions & services. We get ISO 9001 quality management system certification & achieved QS(quality safety) license etc.

       Main business including Public Area cleaner, Housekeeping cleaner, Laundry detergent, Kitchen cleaner, Food industry cleaner, etc.BCL Housekeeping cleaning products is an entire structure, it include carpet cleaner-protector, hard surface care products, room’s cleaner/sanitizer and hand shampoo for personal care. It fits the needs of hospitality, public building and office building, supermarket, nursing house and institution of rehabilitation.BCL offers full range of kitchen care cleaning products that is combined with machine/manual ware washing products, a variety of surface cleaning products and products for sanitizing purpose. Supported by dosing and handling systems, BCL kitchen products ranges are specifically designed for all kitchens and fresh food preparing areas in hospitality, fast food, catering and restaurant chain, etc. We have a full range of high quality laundry detergent, including powder and liquid, is widely used in commercial laundry factory, hotel and other laundry industry.