ALL CLEAN EMERALD Bacteria Remover (Chlorinated)

  • ALL CLEAN EMERALD Bacteria Remover (Chlorinated)
ALL CLEAN EMERALD Bacteria Remover (Chlorinated)
Unit Package: 4×5L
Product Code: XD3302
Dosage: Dilution ratio: 1:100-1:1000
  • Introduction

Product introduction:

This product is used to soak fruit and vegetable and clean food contact surfaces. It can effectively remove mold and other bacteria.

Use instructions:

Disinfection of food contact surfaces: After washing and before use, soak the food contact surface in a 200 ppm chlorine solution for disinfection. Soak for at least two minutes or according to local regulations set. Drain the solution. If the concentration of the solution does not exceed 200 ppm, no final flushing with potable water is required.

Disinfection of fruits and vegetables: Soak the vegetables in a 50-100ppm chlorine solution for 5 minutes.

Disinfect commercial eggs: After cleaning and watering, prepare a 100 ppm chlorine solution (1 ml/L) with a chlorine-containing sterilization cleaner and spray the solution on the eggs. Until the eggs are completely dry, they can be packed or broken.