DEPEND SUN  Laundry Oxygen Liquid

  • DEPEND SUN  Laundry Oxygen Liquid
DEPEND SUN Laundry Oxygen Liquid
Unit Package: 1X25L 1X60L
Product Code: LY2004
Dosage: 1-3ml/kg dry goods
  • Introduction

Product introduction:

This product is used in rinsing at temperatures between 70℃ and 90 for all white fabrics (except nylon) and colored fabrics. Fabrics with bloodstain should avoid direct contact with this product.

Use instructions:

Dosing levels are dependent on wash classification.

Dosing recommendation:1– 3 ml/kg dry goods

Please note the following:
It is most effective at temperatures > 80 ºC.At these temperatures, the pH of the wash solution should be between 9 and 10.7.Application at high temperature and pH > 10.7, may result in chemical damage of natural fibres, such as cotton.For optimal bleaching at lower temperatures (60 – 80 ºC), this product should be applied at pH 11 –11.5, under these conditions fabric damage will be minimal.

Peroxide bleach is not suitable for disinfection purposes.Do not use this product for cleaning wool and nylon (polyamide; e.g. HTN dust mats).