ALL CLEAN GREEN  Conc. Powder Dish Detergent

  • ALL CLEAN GREEN  Conc. Powder Dish Detergent
ALL CLEAN GREEN Conc. Powder Dish Detergent
Unit Package: 28X250G
Product Code: KT4105
Dosage: Dilute by water as need
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Product introduction:

This product is a high foam super concentrated detergent powder for manual washing. The main active ingredient is anionic surfactant (phosphorus free), which is suitable for various water quality. It is easily soluble in water and can be used in dishes, equipment, floors and walls, and transportation tools in food processing plants such as canteens, bakeries, breweries, beverage factories, and dairy factories.

Use instructions:

1.Direct use: 

Add 10-20 grams of detergent powder directly to every 40 liters of water to dissolve. 

2.Pre-dispensed liquid detergent: 

Add 25L tap water in a clean plastic bucket, then add 500-2500 grams of product, gently stir for 1-2 minutes to a paste, that is a thick detergent, seal and let stand for 6-12 hours, clear and transparent to use (Be careful of external contamination during dispensing and keep sealing after dispensing. It is recommended to use within 1-2 weeks).

Hand wash: 

Add 2.0-10.0 ml of pre-filled liquid detergent per liter of water, depending on the type and extent of stain. After washing, pass the water and dry.


Add 3-15 ml of pre-dispensed liquid detergent to each liter of water (52-60℃), soak for 15 minutes or adjust the amount as needed. Rinse with hot water and dry naturally.