DEPEND FLY  Laundry Powder Bleach

  • DEPEND FLY  Laundry Powder Bleach
DEPEND FLY Laundry Powder Bleach
Unit Package: 1X25KG
Product Code: LP1005
Dosage: 2-5g/kg dry goods
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Product introduction:

This product is suitable for use in commercial, medical institutions and laundry rooms.It should be applied in the rinse and can be used on a variety of white fabrics and some non-fading fabrics.

Use instructions:

Dosing level is dependent on wash classification

Dosage recommendation: 2– 5g/kg dry goods at 40 – 60 ºC

Please note the following:

To obtain good bleaching the temperature should preferably be 40 - 60 ºC (below 40 ºC hydrolysis of chlorinated isocyanurates is too slow). The pH of the wash solution should be above 10.

Please note that at a pH below 9.5, chlorine becomes more ‘active’ because of formation of higher relative concentration of hypochlorous acid; this is far more aggressive than hypochlorite and will cause excessive damage to fabric. Therefore proper pH control of the wash solution is essential.

At higher pH, chlorine becomes less ‘active’ and consequently higher temperatures may be applied; at pH 10.5 bleaching should be done at 50 – 55 ºC

Please make sure that, after bleaching has been completed, all residual chlorine is neutralized in the rinse; incomplete neutralization will lead to yellowing and fabric damage during drying at elevated temperatures.

Do not use this product for cleaning nylon (polyamide; e.g. HTN dustmats)