DEPEND DRESS  Laundry Powder Starch

  • DEPEND DRESS  Laundry Powder Starch
DEPEND DRESS Laundry Powder Starch
Unit Package: 1X20KG
Product Code: LP1010
Dosage: 5-15g/kg dry goods
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Product introduction:

This product is used directly or in solution for sizing of cotton sheets, tablecloths and polyester (VISA) tablecloths.

Use instructions:

Dosing levels are dependent on wash classification.

Starch should be applied in the last rinse of a washer extractor or in the last section of a continuous batch washer.

Recommended dosage:

Standard cotton:5–7 g/kg dry goods (bed sheets, pillowcases and shirts)

Table linen (100% cotton and 50% PC):5–9 g/kg dry goods

Polyester (100% VISA):12 – 15 g/kg dry goods

Please note the following:

The water level in the washing machine should be as low as possible during the sizing process, which can increase the concentration of the pulp, improve the use efficiency and reduce the cost.

During starching the pH of the solution should be around 5.5.

If the powder remains in the washing machine overnight, the bacteria can easily grow there, as after a weekend, the situation will be worse. So, to avoid this, don't put the sizing at the end of a day's wash. A washing machine for washing hospital clothes cannot be used for sizing.