GOLDEN-91  Powder Stone Crystallizer (White)

  • GOLDEN-91  Powder Stone Crystallizer (White)
GOLDEN-91 Powder Stone Crystallizer (White)
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Product Code: HK6012
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Product introduction:

This product is heavy in acidity and has a high light-emitting speed. It is often used for the initial renovation of marble. After the treatment, the marble surface forms an excellent crystalline layer.

Use instructions:

1. Remove the old wax, thoroughly clean the marble surface with dewaxed water, and thoroughly pass the water.

2. Place about 50 grams of pulp in an area of 2 square meters. (Water and powder dilution ratio 1:1)

3. Use a low-speed wiper and a red mat of 140 lbs or more to polish in an area of 2 square meters, and the speed should not exceed 300 rpm.

4, continue to polish for 5-8 minutes to light, add water at any time, keep the floor very wet.

5. Push the residual slurry to the next adjacent area with a rubber squeegee.

6. Rinse the treated floor with a large amount of clean water to suck up or push the sewage.

7. Use a mop to pass the water and air dry.

8. After all the crystallization is completed, use a ground wiper with a white polishing pad or a brown polishing pad to throw away the residue to enhance the gloss.