GOLDEN-99  Powder Stone Crystallizer (Super Bright)

  • GOLDEN-99  Powder Stone Crystallizer (Super Bright)
GOLDEN-99 Powder Stone Crystallizer (Super Bright)
Unit Package: 1x5KG 1x25KG
Product Code: HK6006
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Product introduction:

This product contains fine crystal particles, and the surface of the treated marble forms a crystalline layer, which can protect the marble. At the same time, the translucent crystal layer makes the marble floor look more magnificent.

Use instructions:

1.For the newly refurbished floor: Use 30 to 40 grams of crystal powder per square meter (using a measuring cup in a barrel, 1 gram is approximately equal to 1 ml), and the ratio of water to crystal powder is 1:2.

2, vacuum or run the drag. Cover the adjacent non-lime ground and furniture. Please try this product on the unobtrusive ground.
Optimum operating area: The maximum area per crystallization operation is 5-7m² (preferably 5m² ).
The ground pre-wetting step is essential: it is recommended to spread 20-50 ml of water on a 1 m² floor. 

Application steps: Squeeze the prepared slurry onto the pre-wet floor and distribute the slurry throughout the single wiper. On the marble surface, immediately grind the entire floor (preferably 5m² ) with a scouring pad at a suitable angle, at least 3-4 minutes per square meter. There must be no interruption in the whole grinding process! Do not let the crystal powder dry!

If necessary, add water to keep the ground moist. After crystallization, the ground was thoroughly passed twice through water and the sewage was sucked up by a water absorbing machine each time.