STRIP OFF Floor Stripper

  • STRIP OFF Floor Stripper
STRIP OFF Floor Stripper
Unit Package: 4×5L
Product Code: HK6004
Dosage: Dilution ratio: 1:2-1:6
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Product introduction:

This product can quickly remove the old wax on the floor, thus greatly reducing the time and labor costs. Suitable for waxing of various elastic floors.

Use instructions:

1. Dilute the product at a dilution ratio of 1:2 or 1:6 depending on the degree of accumulation of the old wax. (In general, the concentration of 1:4 is extremely effective.)

2. Use a mop to apply a sufficient amount of diluted product evenly on the floor,start from the edge, ensure a longer soaking time. If foam is produced, it may be because the waxing solution is too little.

3. Let stand for 5-7 minutes. Do not dry the floor.

4. Scrub the floor with a ground or machine.

5. Use a clean mop, suction machine or automatic wiper to completely suck up the sewage and the old wax.

6. After the floor is completely dry, apply the recommended base wax or face wax.