BC-4  Glass Cleaner

  • BC-4  Glass Cleaner
BC-4 Glass Cleaner
Unit Package: 4x5L
Product Code: HK7001
Dosage: Neat or Dilution ratio:1:5-1:10
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Product introduction:

This product can clean the glass effectively and economically, and leave no trace after washing. It can also be used on other washable surfaces such as counter tops,sinks,plastic and washroom fixtures.

Use instructions:

For lightly stained surfaces: Dilute with water at 1:10, scrub the surface stains without passing water;

For medium dirt: Dilute with water at 1:5;

For heavily soiled surfaces: It can be cleaned directly with concentrate;

Cleaning steps:

1. Pour the detergent into the watering can bottle;

2. Spread with a clean rag or paper towel;

3. Wipe to dryness.