BC-11   Toilet Cleaner

  • BC-11   Toilet Cleaner
BC-11 Toilet Cleaner
Unit Package: 4×5L
Product Code: HK7003
Dosage: Neat
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Product introduction:

This product is for the routine maintenance of toile bowls and urinals.Special formulation can remove urine stains and scale.

Use instructions:

1. Flush the toilet bowl.

2. Spray the product along the bottom of the inner edge of the basin to allow the detergent to flow to the bottom of the basin.

3. Use a toilet brush to scrub the inner surface of the basin, especially the bottom outlet of the basin.

4. Flush the toilet bowl and toilet brush.

Note: Hydrochloric acid may discolor some metal filters in the urine tank.
Do not use on sinks, bathtubs or other porcelain enamel surfaces.